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Fitness Tracker Mania! So Many Choices!
June 2nd, 2015

What’s the deal with all of these social media posts about progress at the gym, and blogs and photos of healthy eating? Could it be that we are truly moving towards a healthier lifestyle of being more active and eating … Read More

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Will you use your Apple iPhone to support medical research?
June 2nd, 2015

Apple did it again. They created something new and novel in the technology field, and they’re hoping it will change the world. In fact, some say that this may be Apple’s most important product ever. In April 2015, Apple launched … Read More

A/B Testing: Taking the Guesswork out of Website Optimization
May 4th, 2015

One of the most popular trends in the digital marketing space is website optimization. Website optimization is a catchall phrase that has come to refer to any activity that hopes to engage users, improve traffic, and convert them. Conversion, here, … Read More

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Everyone Wants to Get into Your Wallet
May 4th, 2015

It’s generally accepted that, for most people, the idea of sitting down at a kitchen table monthly and sorting through – and paying – bills, expenses and budgets is a relic of the past. Just as online shopping has overtaken … Read More

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What’s New with Google
May 4th, 2015

It’s been almost 20 years since people started making their first Google searches. Today however, Google is arguably the most powerful company in the world. How else can you find out how to build a miniature playground for your pet … Read More

1441 E Maple Rd. Suite 200 Troy, MI 48083 P (248) 687-7888 F (248) 687-7889 Page 1 of 2 Your Smartphone: The Most Functional Multi-Tool on the Market.
Your Smartphone: The Most Functional Multi-Tool on the Market.
March 30th, 2015

It is a common conversation piece how the cell phone has taken up a place of prominence in most of our lives. Ever the mobile communication center, we call, text, Facebook, instant message, tweet, email and use it to connect … Read More

The Millennials are Coming! Are You Ready?
The Millennials are Coming! Are you Ready?
March 30th, 2015

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Millennials will surpass the monolithic generation of Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation. Millennials are persons that are 18 to 34 years of age, and this population is expected to number 75.3 … Read More

Tips for Making your Website Disabled-Friendly
Tips for Making your Website Disabled-Friendly
March 30th, 2015

Navigating the web can often be frustrating for even the most capable and savvy of users. So envision yourself trying to do so with a sight, hearing, or any other kind of impairment. Hard to imagine, right? Fortunately, creating a … Read More

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Can a Smart TV Violate your Privacy?
February 27th, 2015

The story sounds like it comes directly from Orwellian fiction – your television may be listening to every word you are saying, and transmitting it to a third party – but that is exactly the news coming from Samsung. The … Read More

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The Kill Switch: Rendering Smartphones Useless to Thieves
February 27th, 2015

Identity theft is rampant, and smartphones are prime targets – even more so than on computers. “According to the National Consumers League, handheld devices were stolen from 1.6 million Americans in 2012. In California, smartphone theft accounts for more than … Read More

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