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Article Header: Advanced Campains
Enhanced Campains
February 27th, 2013

That title isn’t a typo. With the announcement of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, advertising is being simplified and made more context-specific, but this new iteration of AdWords is also expected to be a bit of a pain. The mobile web has … Read More

Article Header: Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense
January 30th, 2013

Your ad can’t motivate anyone if they don’t see it. Obvious, right? You know what’s less obvious: someone who clicks on your ad is less likely to become a customer than someone who hovers his or her mouse over it … Read More

October 9th, 2012

We developed a new web design and layout and new site functionality to deliver a modern web presence. Read More

The National Chamber Program and National Commerce Group Offer Online Tools for Marketing Asset Development
February 22nd, 2012

(TROY, Mich.)—The National Chamber Program (NCP) and the National Commerce Group (NCG) partnered with Media Genesis Inc. to provide chambers of commerce with easy to use online marketing galleries to produce marketing collateral for their members. By leveraging collective buying … Read More

United Nations/Business Call to Action
June 27th, 2011

Media Genesis designed and developed the BCtA website, eNewsletter, trade show collateral, and an array of print materials. Read More

Salvation Army Ambassador Videos
September 13th, 2010

We developed a campaign for The Salvation Army to promote online donations. We utilized social networks and online video testimonials.

Online Advertising Creates New Avenue for Nonprofits
June 2nd, 2010

Every internet user is all too familiar with the concept of online advertising, be it in the form of a too-good-to-be-true offer, a survey, a pop-up window advertising myriad of services, and the text that runs along the bottom of … Read More

Measuring the ROI of social media campaigns
December 9th, 2009

Barack Obama raised $500 million from his online campaign, garnering a total of 5 million fans on social media sites. Dell used Twitter to sell $3 million worth of computers with over 600,000 followers. Clearly, these are some extreme examples … Read More

Seasonal businesses, Facebook & FBML
December 2nd, 2009

In spring of this year, Facebook started allowing Facebook pages to be customized more heavily with Facebook Markup language (FBML). This customization allows for greater control of messaging on a company or organization’s Facebook Page. Toys R Us has provided … Read More

Social media, advertising and layups: Why you should advertise on social media
October 20th, 2009

As humanity continues to trend away from such oddities as spending time with each other, a new trend is emerging. No longer is television the undisputed king of making people sit idle. In fact, companies in Great Britain are actually … Read More

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