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Mmm… Caffeine
June 1st, 2010

Even with the splash Bing made upon its release, Google still dominates the search market, with Nielsen ratings showing a 65% share of searches as of April 2010. But, the best defense is a good offense, and Google has started … Read More

Google, Michigan
April 12th, 2010

Okay, Ann Arbor did not unofficially rename itself to Google, but the news that Google is going to build a fiber optic network for some lucky town(s) as a test run of such a system did lead to some interesting … Read More

Google and China
March 4th, 2010

This year’s relations between Google and the Chinese government seem to have hit a significant bump. After four years of compliance with China’s “Golden Shield Project,” a set of censorship standards often referred to as “The Great Firewall of China,” … Read More

Small business tool to tuck under your belt
September 8th, 2009

Founded in early 2009, Getlisted.org is a tool for tracking businesses online across the major local search engine platforms Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live Search and Best of the Web. This tool allows users to search and immediately find your business … Read More

Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the Chrome
July 13th, 2009

In the second half of last year, while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer series continued to fight it out with Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari (among others), web giant Google quietly but confidently waded into the fray with their new browser: Chrome.  … Read More

How to talk to Google
April 8th, 2009

Semantics is the study of the meaning of words and sentences. While this is how you communicate to your friends, family and coworkers, it now can apply to how we communicate with search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN require different … Read More

Duplicate content becomes more manageable with canonical tag
February 13th, 2009

Not much prompts a buzz of excitement in the SEO world. Today, fortunately, we have an exception.  The big three – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft – have proposed a solution to the always challenging issue of duplicate content. In separate announcements, … Read More

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