What’s New in Drupal 8?

While there is no official release date for the next major version of Drupal, version 8 of the popular content management system is coming soon.  According to the Drupal development team, it will be more user-friendly than previous versions. Additionally, there will be new capabilities in place for working with mobile devices and building API’s, as well as handling multilingual content.

Drupal 8 will support the ‘Views’ module by default, which is often used in Drupal 6 and 7 sites to facilitate the customization of data structures, listings, and pages. It will boast an updated WYSIWYG editor, native HTML 5 support (for page markup), a new template engine named “Twig” that makes theming easier, and a new configuration management system. Web services using the ‘REST’ and ‘Serialization’ APIs will also be supported out-of-the-box, so those who wish to develop mobile apps will have another choice in platforms for their server-side APIs. There will also be powerful translation support that can handle anything in the Drupal system, thereby making the management of a multilingual site easier.

Of course, security is also an integral part of Drupal 8, and all of the above is being implemented with that in mind. The update system that was present in Drupal 7 returns in 8, simplifying the updating process for site administrators.

However, be warned that once Drupal 8 releases, all support for 6 will cease. This means that there will be no more security updates available for Drupal 6, so those of you who are still on Drupal 6 should definitely consider upgrading before the Drupal 8 release. Media Genesis can help by leveraging the Drupal-provided data migration feature, which streamlines the major aspects of upgrading Drupal sites across major revisions, including dropping old modules, transferring content, and so forth.

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