Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response Launches Web Site to Help Homeowners Save Their Homes

February 22nd, 2010   |  

DETROIT – For many, the idea of foreclosure is overwhelming, embarrassing and frustrating, yet it is becoming a reality for thousands of families across the country.

But now, there is a trustworthy community resource to help homeowners through this process. is a tool to help people learn the facts, realize they are not alone, and most importantly take action.

The Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response (FPR), an initiative of the Detroit Economic Growth Association, developed the web site to help families stay in their homes and avoid becoming the victim of mortgage rescue scams.

“The biggest impediment to people losing their homes is that they don’t take action,” said Diane McCloskey, FPR director of communication and community initiatives. “Less than 40 percent of people facing foreclosure take action. We want this web site to be a catalyst for action and to enforce that wherever you are in the foreclosure process, it is never too late to be informed and learn about your options.” includes:

  • A resource center for finding free foreclosure prevention counselors and links to lender and servicer contacts
  • An interactive module on the homepage that helps consumers find resources at different stages of the foreclosure process
  • Important information about how to avoid mortgage rescue scams

The Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response is an independent public/private model that is a clearinghouse to share tools, resources and recommendations to leverage and enhance the work of partners throughout the City of Detroit to reduce the effects of the foreclosure crisis on families and neighborhoods.

Media Genesis designed, programmed, and created the logo/branding for the website. MedigG also developed a content management system for the nonprofit so they could easy update the content and images on their site.

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