Does your company have a mobile strategy?

September 2nd, 2016   |  

Mobile strategy is now an integral part of business marketing. Companies redesigning or building a new website can no longer look at website development from a desktop perspective. Trends are pointing towards an Internet that is more dynamic and much more mobile friendly.

However, 80 percent of organizations have yet to develop a long-term mobile marketing narrative for the traveling user despite studies that show that 56 percent of traffic to websites is from mobile devices.

In early January, a study published by comScore showed 78 percent of all local searches on mobile devices resulted in a direct purchase. Most of the searches were for a specific business or a search by category type (i.e. restaurant, retail, etc.).

A recent mobile report by Adobe that surveyed over 4,000 marketers and digital professionals revealed that 28 percent of e-commerce revenue is transacted on mobile devices. The report also showed that, on average, 37 percent of organizations total digital traffic is now through mobile and it is continuing to grow (See figure below).


Why you need a mobile strategy

  • It allows your users the flexibility to shop and/or browse wherever they want
  • A mobile strategy provides consumers with targeted content through location-based services
  • It also provides a more tailored user experience
  • Mobile friendly sites and strategies can also boost brand awareness for companies
  • A mobile strategy increases cost-efficiency, saves time and improves productivity while also simplifying various business practices

Whether your business uses mobile strategy as a tool to reduce costs or to increase revenue, research shows that mobile is the norm.


A few questions your company should be asking to help get your mobile strategy aligned with your business strategy are:

  • What are the company’s business objectives?
  • How can mobile initiatives help the company map out and achieve business objectives?
  • Is there a mobile strategy? Who owns this?
  • What is the company looking to implement for mobile externally (for customer)?
  • What is the company looking to implement for mobile internally (for the workforce)?
  • What is the best mobile environment to reach the target audience? (Usually this is mobile site or mobile app)

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