Social Media = Quality Control?

May 26th, 2016   |  

For those companies trying to figure out how to use emerging and popular social media as part of a new business model, General Motors may have found the answer.

The automaker giant, looking for new and cutting edge way to connect with current customers and improve customer relations, has embraced Twitter and Facebook to connect directly with GM auto owners experiencing issues.

General Motors and Social Media

GM has created a team to scour Twitter, Facebook, and other social network for comments related to GM cars and issues. The team contacts the poster, opens a dialogue about the issue referenced in the status update or post and tries to find an answer for car troubles the user is experiencing. This extends to cars and trucks far beyond their warranty expiration, and has already been a pleasant surprise for many GM owners.

The initiative has been successful enough that GM is adding additional resources to its social media team, including personnel and computing power, to help establish it as a cornerstone of customer service. Other large companies, Amazon and Dell for instance, are using social media to respond to customer issues and resolve problems as well.

Communication with Customers

Recent surveys have shown that 59 percent of social media users have “vented” on their site of choice about poor customer relations. They are quickly replacing other means of communication as a method for potential customers to research the reputation and customer care of company. Technology, travel and retail companies can be sited as companies “ahead of the curve” (and reaping benefits already) in terms of utilizing social media, while utilities, health care and insurance industries have been noted by tech watchers as those quickly falling behind.

The more people rely on social media for their “word of mouth,” the more vital it will become for companies to not only serve their customers well in the first place, but establish a solid online presence to maintain relationships.

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