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Media Genesis has grown from a web development start-up with a couple of clients to a full service digital agency with hundreds of clients. Please step back in time with us to check out our road to making a difference and some fun pics along the way.

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Deliver a compelling first impression and a clear course of action. When we create a design for you, we don’t work in a vacuum. Our designers use deep knowledge of your brand identity, your audience, and best practices. We offer logo development, print collateral design, web design, and application design that make a lasting impression and increase usability and usefulness.

American Jewelry and Loan

pawn1Media Genesis worked with the Gold family to create and establish their new brand, Pawn Detroit, and to create a website and series of web assets that concurrently highlight the...

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VernDale Products, Inc.

verndale1Media Genesis developed an animated piece to be featured on the homepage of the website. The purpose of this piece was to bring the process ‘from cow to milk chocolate’...

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GenthermHome_083112Amerigon designs, develops and markets products based on our advanced, proprietary, efficient thermoelectric device technologies for a wide range of global markets. Media Genesis has been Amerigon's Agency of Record...

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Take control of your content. We can build or customize a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to update, expand, and modify your website without hiring a developer. A dynamic website will add value to your online presence for users and search engines. We can work with you to develop a site that is flexible and ready to grow with your organization.

West Penn Allegheny Health System

WPAHS_homeWest Penn Allegheny Health System (WPAHS) is defined by its efforts to improve health in its community. As one of the largest health systems in Western Pennsylvania, West Penn Allegheny...

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Video marketing is a proven strategy to grow your business. Video shows and tells a story like nothing else – it can attract, inform, inspire, persuade, and delight thousands of times faster than text. It sure is a lot of fun, too. The MediaG film crew has more than 15 years of experience in every facet of video production and is available locally or for travel.

Let us help create a powerful video to grow your business. We have expertise in multi-camera shooting, directing, producing, location scouting, script development, interviewing, animation, musical accompaniment, photography, voice over and encoding videos for the web.

Our CV includes, corporate videos, television commercials, live events, training videos, testimonials, web and social media videos and much more.

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AHN Bariatric Videos

AHN_BMI_01Allegheny Health Network is a fast growing network of seven hospitals that serves over twenty Pennsylvania counties and portions of New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Allegheny Health Network (AHN), formally...

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AHN Cancer & Neuro Videos

AHN-cancer-neuro-04Allegheny Health Network is a fast growing network of seven hospitals that serves over twenty Pennsylvania counties and portions of New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Allegheny Health Network (AHN), formally...

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Deliver effective and efficient online training. Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we teach and learn. Online learning can be traditional or dynamic, instructor led or learner driven. Our designers, developers, and instructional design specialists can create eLearning tools according to your specifications or help you develop new models that take advantage of internet technologies.


Chrysler1We built Chrysler’s 2013 Internet Marketing web course from the ground up. Once we’d evaluated Chrysler’s needs, our instructional design specialist devised the course structure. We used hypothetical consumers as learning...

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scion1For SCION, dozens of custom animations were made to reveal high-level features of new models to a group of elite SCION drivers....

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Ford Motor Company

fordwebcourses3MG has created 10+ web courses for Ford dealing with topics such as training, parts, leadership, loyalty, diesel, management and selling....

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Join a knowledge partnership. You know your business, and we know how to promote it online. Together, we can make the web a more productive space. Our consulting services include online marketing, web development, eLearning infrastructure, user interaction, and more. We distill vital information, put it into a context that is relevant to you, and help you create a forward-looking strategy.


PellePelle Homepage ImagePellePelle is an urban clothing retailer featuring their own hip and stylish jackets, jeans, and more. For PellePelle, Media Genesis developed a new web design and layout and new site...

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cisf-1The Community Investment Support Fund (CISF) is all about streamlining the lending process to low-income communities. Embracing their vision and their mission, Media Genesis developed an elegant solution to their...

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United Nations Development Programme

unitednations1Media Genesis designed and developed the BCtA website, eNewsletter template, advertisements, trade show collateral, and an array of print materials. To emphasize the participation of BCtA members, Media Genesis also...

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Be where your audience is. As users, we’ve cut the tether that tied us to the desk. As developers, we can help you liberate your content. You can deliver tools to workers in the field or reach consumers on the go. We can help you create compelling, mobile-friendly applications and websites that take advantage of one of the most profound trends in the digital space.


kirby1The Credit Union Association of New Mexico (CUANM), an organization that helps credit unions in the U.S. and Canada market to young people, needed a showpiece that reflected the needs...

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mqic1The Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium establishes and implements a core set of clinical practice guidelines and performance measures for physicians, nurses, and medical personnel. Media Genesis created an updated, easy...

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Reising Ethington

reising1Media Genesis designed a new site for the law firm along with a new logo, branding and marketing materials....

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Take full advantage of the greatest invention of all time. We can help you create a web presence that faithfully represents your message and plays well with internet technologies, including search engines. Let us share our passion for all things web. We can be your partner from strategy to implementation to ongoing maintenance.

Daughters of Charity

doc1The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, International Project Services, came to us in need of a website that would champion their mission. As an organization dedicated to...

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