Social Media of 1776

July 2nd, 2010   |  

So what would social media look like it if we went back in time to 1776 …

MySpace: MySpace was a way for those to establish their own personal space. Deodorant was not invented yet, only flowery perfumes to mask odors. MySpace was created so bodily vapors did not suffocate others near you.

Facebook: Facebook was the equivalent of a “Wanted” poster. Walking around town, you’d see various people’s faces posted on saloon doors and parlor entrances. Whether a man was looking for a good time or the town was to be on the lookout for those committing treason, Facebook provided networking in the general vicinity, so messages and status’ of others could travel near and far.

Twitter: Twitter was just another name for one’s carrying pigeon. If your horse isn’t fast enough and you needed a message to travel across towns quickly, sending a short, light message through your own carrying pigeon proved extremely efficient.

Flickr: Flickr could be found in just about everyone’s home. Since electricity was not invented yet and candlelight was the popular method to provide light, this candlelight made it easier for visitors to see their host’s faces, as well as the paintings hanging around the house.

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