Media Genesis President Elected to the International Visitors Council Board of Directors

Antoine Dubeauclard, President of Media Genesis Inc., has been selected to join the Board of Directors of the International Visitors Council of Metropolitan Detroit (IVC Detroit).

Connie Hogan, IVC Detroit President, said that Dubeauclard was chosen for board membership based on “his international background, experience, citizen diplomacy, international relations, and because he has lived in several countries.”

According to its website, IVC Detroit “is a nonprofit organization that administers international exchange programs on behalf of the U.S. Department of State, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and other organizations that have an interest in promoting international relations.”

With Media Genesis founder and CEO Brad Frederick, Dubeauclard strives to encourage international collaboration in business. Media Genesis developed an international internship program, partnering with an array of sponsor companies abroad to connect with international employment candidates. Throughout the years, Media Genesis has acted as the host company for interns from Brazil, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Finland, France, and the Netherlands.

Media Genesis also works with the international nonprofit sector, including organizations such as the United Nations in New York and UNESCO in Paris, on a variety of international web-related projects. Media Genesis understands the hardships many nonprofit organizations face in today’s cost-driven society, so it donates hundreds of hours each year to nonprofit work.