Tessitura and Media Genesis

While collaborating with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) on an enhanced ecommerce website with a primary focus on subscription management, Media Genesis utilized Tessitura.

The Tessitura Network is a member-owned, nonprofit corporation with the goal of providing world-class support, services, and systems to its member base. Earliest users of Tessitura’s flagship product, Tessitura Software, created the network in an effort to establish a technology and service company that would focus on serving arts and cultural organizations.

Tessitura Software’s ability to seamlessly integrate functionality was the driving factor behind Media Genesis’ decision to utilize it on behalf of the DSO. Furthermore, Tessitura was created for the Metropolitan Opera, making it an asset to nearly every art and cultural organization in the United States and Canada.

Its chief features include ticketing, subscriptions, and box office reservations; customer care management; marketing and list management; fundraising, memberships, sponsorships, and contributions; flexible reporting, executive information systems, and analysis tools; as well as Internet transactional capabilities for auxiliary ticketing services.

Since its launch in 1996, Tessitura Software has enabled various arts and cultural organizations to capitalize on the digital ease consumers have come to anticipate from ecommerce-enhanced websites. In 2012, the network introduced Tessitura Software with “Next Generation” technology, providing the Tessitura platform with increased flexibility, scalability, and interoperability with third-party programs. The latest version was provided to existing Tessitura Network members at no cost and will be provided to future Network members as soon as a license is obtained.

A goal at Media Genesis is to determine software, services, and technologies that best suit a client’s needs and can easily interface with all front-end development. In this case, the benefits associated with Tessitura Software far exceeded competitor software programs, which was why it was selected to work in conjunction with the DSO website. Tessitura’s commitment to arts and cultural organizations as well as its pursuit in developing cutting-edge technology aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness make it an essential tool, today and into the future.

For Tessitura Software consulting, contact Media Genesis at (248) 687-7888 or visit mediag.com/contact.