Bayer Pharmaceuticals: E-Learning & Animation Project

Bayer is a multinational corporation known for its world-class pharmaceuticals. With over 150 years of history, Bayer is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life by focusing on the healthcare industry. They are one of the top five biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide and were the first company to market aspirin.

Complex Functions, Simplified.

Bayer partnered with Media Genesis to create an eLearning program for their technician operators who work with complex, scientific instruments known as Bioreactors. Because the management and operation of the Bioreactor is a specialized process, the course needed to explain in detail all the parts and functions of the unit in order to properly educate and train the Bayer operators. The three target audiences included:

  • Operations Personnel: the support staff that manages the systems and bioreactors
  • Support Functions Personnel: the support staff, quality inspectors, and technicians who support the operations and process
  • Future Bioreactor Operators

The training course needed to visualize the interaction between the physical bioreactor parts, as well as the cellular internal functions, supply, and depletion of the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide within the bioreactor. These aspects would give the operators a full understanding of how the device functions on an internal level.

Becoming Bioreactor Experts

At the start of the project, we held weekly video conference calls with representatives from Bayer based in California. These meetings acted as intake sessions and allowed us to learn about the Bioreactor and gain better insight to help outline and write the script for the course. We created the course remotely from our office in Michigan and completed the project in three main phases:

Phase 1:

  • Intake Meetings
  • Content Outline
  • Script Writing

Phase 2:

  • Voice Over Recording
  • Animation Storyboard
  • Style Guide Creation
  • Experience Design Document

Phase 3:

  • 2D Animation
  • Course Graphical Assets
  • Lectora eLearning Course

A larger part of the project was the creation of 2D motion graphic animations to help users better visualize the automatic and manual controls, the parts and functions of the Bioreactor, as well as the gasses supplied and how they flow.

The finished course provides operators with a big picture understanding of the bioreactor, represented by individual animations, on-screen text, voice over, reference photos, graphs, and click-to-reveal information. After using our Lectora eLearning course as training, the Bayer team was very satisfied with the results from their technician operators and hopes to continue working with Media Genesis for their future eLearning projects.