Dunkin’ Donuts

Media Genesis Delivers Engaging Coffee-Making Training Videos for Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts required a set of videos to train its employees on the coffee-making process in a fun and informative way. Media Genesis provided video production services for this project. Media Genesis was responsible for talent management, video shoot, graphics development, and video editing, among other things.

Dunkin’ Donuts needed a set of engaging videos that taught its employees about the coffee-making process, including cultivating, grinding, the journey to the store, and customer service. The videos were to be used as a training tool for employees to help them learn the best practices for making and serving coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts required the videos to be visually appealing and interactive to make learning enjoyable and informative.

Media Genesis provided a comprehensive range of video production services for Dunkin’ Donuts. Media Genesis managed talent for the videos, including casting and prepping the talent. Media Genesis also developed custom graphics, interactive animations, and devices to generate user engagement, such as VH1 pop-up videos. To ensure a seamless video shoot, Media Genesis managed studio equipment prep, lighting, and sound. Finally, Media Genesis edited the sound and video, including color correction, green screen keying, motion render, and edit splicing.

Media Genesis experience in video production, combined with strategy and familiarity in the e-learning field, helped them deliver high-quality videos that met Dunkin’ Donuts’ requirements. The videos were used as a training tool for employees, and the interactive graphics and engaging content made the learning process enjoyable and informative.

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