Ecology Center: Branding & Web Development

The Ecology Center, based in Ann Arbor Michigan, focuses on promoting education and awareness toward healthy lifestyles and a healthy planet. Through independent product research and active community engagement, the Ecology Center is in the middle of personal and community wellness.

The client came to Media Genesis with a variety of goals. The organization needed guidance from a branding perspective, creating a new set of standards that would help define them in the years to come. Of particular importance was the identification and consideration of the many unique audiences their mission – and web site – would need to speak to. Media Genesis worked closely with EcoCenter to find these audiences, and then devise a branding and messaging strategy that would allow for the greatest communication and accessibility to those stakeholders.

Another consideration was the Ecology Center website – Media Genesis assisted Ecology Center in defining their audience type through an internal developed process called AMA (Audience Message Action) and leveraged the results to design the logic flow structure of the new site. Media Genesis worked with the Ecology Center team to redesign the brand identity and implement into a structures website platform.