Gentherm/Amerigon: Web Development & Print Design

Amerigon designs, develops and markets products based on our advanced, proprietary, efficient thermoelectric device technologies for a wide range of global markets. Media Genesis has been Amerigon’s Agency of Record (AOR) for the past few years. In 2006, MG redesigned the entire Amerigon site and in 2008 it was revamped again. Some notable items are the flash modules on the homepage. These five modules use video and graphics to tell various stories about Amerigon and its products. In 2008, Amerigon went through a re-branding and MG completed a full logo study to help Amerigon decide on its new identity. MG also created Amerigon’s business cards, envelopes, letterhead and PowerPoint templates. For the last three years, MG has created brochures for Amerigon’s trade shows and designed their Annual Reports.