Pawn Detroit: Branding & Website Redesign

Pawn Detroit is a family-owned business that began with Les Gold and his father, Sam. What started as small store called Sam’s Loan has now grown to be American Jewelry and Loan, which has been at its current location since 1993. The Pawn Detroit brand has had incredible success and became known through the record-breaking TV show “Hardcore Pawn.” The shop’s motto “where Detroit cashes in” has been in use since the shop’s inception.

The Gold family came to us seeking to enhance their brand and website function and design. The Golds needed a website to help them manage their growing fan-base and merchandise sales. We worked with the Gold family to ensure that their brand, Pawn Detroit, and store, American Jewelry and Loan, would be adequately highlighted.

The process:

  • Developed a new website, focusing heavily on integrating PayPal and E-Bay with the online e-commerce store
  • Assisted with web hosting and social media setup
  • Designed a logo and t-shirts to leverage the new Pawn Detroit brand
  • Designed business cards to complement the new website design