Xcentric Mold & Engineering: Website Refresh

For over 22 years, Xcentric Mold & Engineering has served the quick-turn, plastic injection molding industry.  With the advancement of in-house technologies, Xcentric now offers CNC Machining, Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Services in addition to their core injection molding service.  In addition, Xcentric has expanded from the early years of serving solely automotive companies to now serving companies from the Fortune 100 to innovative start-ups across industries such as medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics and more.

Xcentric Mold & Engineering approached Media Genesis to help them refresh their website before a large, upcoming convention. The timeline required a quick turnaround with high stakes as this refresh would be presented to both clients and the Xcentric Board of Directors.

In true MediaG fashion, we readily agreed, and soon the website refresh was underway.

Homepage Redesign

A company’s website is essentially the face they show the outside world. For this reason, we knew that the Xcentric homepage was the first place we needed to start.

Timelines were drawn up and Xcentric and Media Genesis sat down to discuss what key content items would remain on the homepage as part of the refresh and which content pieces could be removed or archived for later. After these initial key steps were taken, it was time for wireframes.

Our design team mocked up three different homepage options beginning with wireframes to ensure Xcentric was satisfied with the layout of content, images, and titles. After that, these wireframes were translated into visual representations of what the actual web page would look like. Xcentric picked the one they found most appealing, and the project moved on to interior page templates with only a couple of weeks remaining.


Interior Designs

In order to keep the timeline moving, content for the interior pages was edited simultaneously to the homepage design process. Once content was verified, interior wireframes were created – much like the homepage – and given to Xcentric for approval.

The next steps, which involved a similar process to the homepage approval, were to present these wireframes as true-to-life website pages.

After all interior templates were approved, it was time to populate the actual website pages with images and content.

Meeting the Deadline

Despite there being a tight deadline, Xcentric and Media Genesis were able to clear the due date by a full week – in plenty of time for Xcentric to be able to present their new, functional, visually-appealing website at their conference.