It’s the Small Things That Count: Website Optimization Techniques

Website optimization is the art of creating and continuously improving websites to improve the visitor experience and a website’s conversion rates. These small changes can help improve your user’s satisfaction and convince them to visit your site often.

Basic Website Optimization Techniques

Website optimization is used by businesses and individuals, and there are some basic techniques that everyone should follow in order to get more traffic to their site. This can include:

Another basic optimization technique is website responsiveness. Many search engines like Google, are taking on mobile first indexing. Meaning how a business’s website looks on mobile devices is more important than ever. Search engines are beginning to look more closely at how well a company’s content is displayed on a phone or tablet, instead of only from desktop.

Moving forward

Outside of the basic website optimization techniques, there has been a major push toward more security on the web.

SSL Certificates (secure socket layer) are used to protect a website and its user’s sensitive information (i.e. credit cards, social security numbers, login information, etc.). Having a SSL Certificate provides an added level of security and ensures that private information goes to the appropriate servers. This has become especially important and more of a requirement with the rising threats of cyber-attacks. It is also a requirement if businesses want to accept payments on their website. Even if you aren’t protecting sensitive information a SSL Certificate is still highly recommended and recommended by Google as a best practice for all website content.

The most recent evolvement for the web is HTTP2 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP2 aids in a website’s performance by improving the shortcomings and inflexibilities of HTTP/1.1. Even though it is still in its early stages, HTTP2 will soon allow browsers to call for several requests made by the same connection. It will also enhance security and encryption performance for websites, and much more.

Why this is important?

The web is constantly changing and technology is being made faster and faster. The internet has become a critical component in a business’s marketing and sales. A website needs to have good content and hidden programming. Making subtle changes to a website can help improve user flow, keep users engaged, and increase rankings in search engines.

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