Why Should my Business Invest in Digital Marketing?

Have you dabbled in digital marketing? Tried to swim through social media seas? Agonized over keywords and copy in AdWords? It is easy to give up and say it isn’t worth it. Even though most businesses like you have hopped on the digital marketing train, almost 50% don’t have a strategy in place, making it very tough to have digital success.

To get started, let’s define digital marketing. Digital marketing promotes products or services using digital technologies like the internet or mobile phones. If your business hasn’t done much digital advertising, here are some key reasons to start today.

Measurable Data, Real Time Results

Usually within a couple of hours you can find out exactly how many views, impressions, or clicks your ads had. Not only is it great to have near-instant gratification, but it can also be a useful tool if your ad isn’t running as well as possible. For example, if your ads normally get 15 clicks within the first day or two, and you’re only at 5 or 6 clicks, you may want to review what your ad looks like. Sometimes a simple change like rearranging words in the copy or swapping out your image can make a big difference to how platforms like Google or Facebook deliver your ads and how users react to those ads.

Target Your Audience

With traditional marketing, you cast a net to 10,000 people, hoping that 1,000 of them are the right ones, and that 100 of those will take action. With digital marketing, you can target the right 1,000 people from the beginning, and give them simple and clear calls-to-action so they can take action right from their devices.

Let’s work through this with an example. Say you create a new game app that is sure to go viral. It might make sense to advertise on Game Show Network (GSN), right? People who appear to like watching game shows would probably like to play games themselves. However, if you look at GSN’s age demographics, you see that their viewership can range from 18+. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could target people who have already downloaded similar games on their phones, liked those games on social media, are in your target demographic (25-34 years old, females), and have iPhones? With digital marketing on platforms, that’s possible.


Once you’ve reached out to your very specific audience, you can target those who had interaction with your website or ad already. You can retarget with specific messaging about products, services, or even your brand as a whole. Not convinced? Check out some of these major businesses’ success stories. Some of these companies saw ROIs of 1,300% (no, I didn’t accidentally type an extra 0 there). You can set up almost-limitless remarketing audiences in different platforms: one audience for each product, one audience for people who didn’t finish checking out, one audience for anyone who visited the website. Once these are established, you can create unique messages to draw them back in, to look at your site again, or complete their purchase.

I’m In! What’s Next?

All these reasons sound pretty compelling to get your business started in digital advertising. However, it is important to set reasonable goals. With any digital media buying, there are several components that are factored in to determine whose ad will run where. Does that mean your business will automatically get crazy-high ROI after your first campaign? No, probably not. But, you will have gained some important data about your audiences, maybe even find new audiences you didn’t know were looking. You will have learned what sorts of campaigns work well and which don’t. You will have learned how to strategically talk to your audiences.

If you need help getting your business in the digital marketing space, give us a call at 248-687-7888 or find us on social: Facebook or Twitter. We’ll set you up with our digital marketing team to set goals, determine audiences, and create ad strategies.