Why You Need Custom Video on Your Website

Last month we shared ways to ditch stock photography, which included four ways to visually personalize your website. We also hinted at the contents of this article: customized video.

There are many advantages to custom videos that make them worth the cost. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. Below are just a handful of the many advantages of using custom video on your website.

Provide Information

For best SEO results, it is recommended that a page has no more than 500 words. This is not a lot of copy (you have already read 100 words in this article), so there isn’t a lot of space to convey information. Video solves this problem.

Bragi is a wireless headphone company offering three different products. While their homepage doesn’t utilize video, each of the product description pages do.

These three custom videos explain what each product offers. The video for the most expensive product, the tailored headphone, goes into depth about the development process and why the project is special. It gives more detail than could comfortably fit on a page.

Gives A Sense Of Who You Are

Video allows you to not only provide the user with information, but also allows you to give them an impression of your brand identity and values.

Let’s look at two examples, Gentherm and Eagleclean. Both companies utilize custom homepage videos for the same goal, but the different deployments provide different impressions to the users.

Gentherm’s video is the focal point of the page. It shows people interacting with their products—enjoying the luxury and technological benefits they provide. There is an understanding that this is a multinational corporation on the forefront of innovation in thermal management.

To see EagleClean’s video, the user needs to scroll down the page to the “Our Services” section. There we see a list of services and we notice a rubber glove cleaning the smudges off the other side of the screen. It is a subtle use of video that adds a bit of whimsy. This shows that EagleClean takes their work seriously, but also have a bit of fun.

Video Increases SEO Ranking

There are several ways video helps SEO. Two of the most important are:

  1. Increases interest in the website (adding clicks)
  2. Creates backlinks to a website

Your video, along with being on your website (typically embedded from YouTube), should be on your YouTube page and utilized in your social media marketing strategy. This increased visibility leads to clicks, and also creates a number of backlinks to your site. Both factors will increase your SEO ranking.

Custom Video has Multiple Uses

Your custom video doesn’t have to just be used on your website. As mentioned above, it should be used in your social media outreach and in your marketing campaigns. It can also be used at trade shows and on television. Custom video should never be thought of as a single use element, but as an asset that can be used across platforms to strengthen your brand identity.

If you need help creating custom videos to boost your business’ online image, give us a call at 248-687-7888 or find us on social: Facebook or Twitter. We’ll set you up with our in-house media production team to work with you in crafting eye catching videos.