Continuum Services: Improving the Website Experience

Your Single-Source Commercial Facility Provider

Continuum Services is a full-service commercial facility company based in Farmington Hills, Michigan with service areas throughout Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri & New Hampshire. Continuum provides building exterior and interior services to companies ranging from corporate headquarters and office buildings to retail centers and senior living facilities.

What Was Needed

The Continuum team reached out to Media Genesis to redesign their website and, in addition, provide them with a Content Management System (CMS) – a lack of which made updating their current site difficult. The Continuum team also wanted to create new pages and revise the overall content quality on the site.

Content & SEO Improvements

Before the build started on the new website Media Genesis met with key stakeholders of Continuum to conduct interviews. These interviews were filmed and recorded, and then custom content was written (according to brand standards, voice and tone).

At the start of the project, Media Genesis conducted a metrics review and noticed that Continuum’s website was lacking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance due to the fact that page metadata (titles and descriptions) were duplicated across the entire site. Because best practice recommends that each page’s metadata be unique, we first began by writing new metadata for each page on the website.

Additional improvements to SEO included competitive keyword analysis and schema markup. Keyword analysis was important because it allowed us to expand Continuum’s reach into new markets as well as increase conversions, meaning that goals were being met at a significantly higher rate.

Likewise, by adding schema markup – essentially, a type of language added to the website that can recognize related words and content (e.g. synonyms, antonyms, etc.) – we were able to make the site more search engine friendly and accessible and searchable for users.

Custom Page Designs

In order to align branding and further strengthen SEO, we worked with Continuum Services to implement new custom designs for the homepage and interior pages.

In addition, we created a locations page to show all the areas serviced by Continuum. This page allows users to see whether or not they live in one of Continuum’s service areas (users can check by state and then by city) without having to contact Continuum to find out.

Media Genesis also assisted in the design and implementation of the Meet the Team page; something that did not yet exist on the Continuum Services website. In addition to creating the page template, we helped Continuum edit the biographies for all staff members to be both engaging and consistent with brand standards.

Content Management System (CMS) Implementation

Prior to these website improvements, Continuum Services did not have a custom content management system, which not only limited the ways in which pages could be edited, but made the process exponentially more difficult.

In order to alleviate this concern, Media Genesis created a custom WordPress CMS with full editing capabilities accessible to the administrative account. This made it significantly easier for Continuum Services to be able to edit their own website without needing assistance from developers.

Today, we continue to run maintenance and support for the Continuum Services website; this means ensuring that the website’s core, modules, and plugins are all up-to-date and secure. WordPress is updated on a bi-weekly schedule to ensure that everything on the Continuum website is secure and running smoothly.

A Strong Partnership Moving Forward

Since partnering with Media Genesis, Continuum Services has seen a continuous growth in their website statistics. Annual website visits have increased by nearly 2,000 users. Additionally, annual pageviews have risen by 50%.

Media Genesis and Continuum Services continue to work together to produce a quality, custom website that makes finding services simple and easy for all Continuum customers.