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What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is part of the Google Suite of tools used to manage and launch marketing tags on your website or mobile app. GTM insights allow for better reporting and metrics analysis.

What does Google Tag Manager do?

  • Allows you to see customizable conversions and tracking on a variety of actions: email submissions, button clicks, sign-ups, video views, phone number submissions, and form submissions
  • Once tags are installed on your website, GTM will automatically display the data in your Google Analytics account

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

As a marketing agency in Troy, Michigan, we utilize Google Tag Manager to boost our digital marketing and website improvement efforts.

Google Tag Manager provides us with the opportunity to develop and enhance tracking pixels, conversions, dynamic audience pools, attribution models, and funnel approaches. We use these to expand upon benchmark analytics and improve results with optimized approaches.

Example Google Tag Manager Setup & Deployment:

  • Install Google Tag Manager
  • Prepare all variations of Google Analytics, pixels and other third-party connections
  • Establish tags to support the variations of tracking sources
  • Prepare events and other supporting tags for tracking purposes
  • Establish new views, filters and other Google Analytic elements as needed
  • Establish goals for marketing purposes
  • Establish audience pools for both organic and paid efforts

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