May 2021 Google Ads and Google Analytics Updates

Google recently implemented updates for both Google Ads, its digital marketing platform, and Google Analytics, its data tracking platform for websites and other online applications. These rollouts of both new and existing features attempt to address several core functions/topics: automation, reporting, privacy, Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), and industry-specific solutions (specifically, travel and retail).

How Are Google Privacy and Google Automation Improving?

The coming updates will allow new custom audiences on fresh (brand new) accounts. Previously, a marketing account required $50,000 in lifetime spend as well as 90-days of activity before being considered eligible for custom audience pool integration. While there were some work-arounds for this, they were often quite complex and time-consuming.

Google Tag Manager will also be experiencing updates with new consent capabilities. Essentially, these updates will make it easier to add and hide tracking when a user consents (or doesn’t consent) to providing their data. The process will be simplified overall for more complex websites.

Image extensions will be removed from beta and pushed into live mode. These will help improve Click Through Rate (CTR) – a metric for measuring clicks on a paid ad – especially when it comes to Products. Image assets are always valuable for Search and Display campaigns, so this is an important feature to note for companies involved in the digital marketing space.

How Are Google Reporting and Google SERP Changing?

Google is extending behavior reporting; even when Cookies are blocked or not available. This will provide users with additional data on cross-channel tracking (for example, tracking as it relates to paid search, direct search, and purchase). Overall, we can begin tracking the user’s journey in more detail.

How Is Google Changing for Industry Solutions?

Google will be rolling out additional business identifiers for companies large and small, such as “Women-Led Business.” Users more commonly seek these types of identifiers and purchase from them when labeled. This will be valuable to label for any new company or organization when it comes to the Google Ads and Google My Business services.

Google Shopping Ads will be offering new functionality such as Create Account, Deals, and Options (e.g. pickup, curbside pickup, and “later pickup”). Another feature rolling out is “Shop Pay,” allowing users to pay quickly from Google directly. Furthermore, extended Discovery Shopping Ads such as GMail, YT, Search, Display follow the user as they move through the buying journey.

Booking Extension on ads for hotels is now in beta. Users will be able to make hotel bookings directly from the application. Also, Google is now using enhanced commission to allow for a lower cost-per-stay acquisition. All of the aforementioned updates will be highly valuable for any hotel/vacation-related clients.

Have questions about these new updates? Wondering how these Google rollouts may affect your website or marketing strategy? Media Genesis is here to help. Reach out to our team to discuss what options you have available and how you can improve your existing digital presence.