Managing Reality 2.0

May 26th, 2016   |  

The internet is a second reality where users create persona’s and garner reputations separate from those earned in the physical, day-to-day world.  In Reality 2.0 – Web Edition, online reputations and presences can have absolutely nothing to do with Reality 1.0 – Earth Edition, commonly considered “the real world.”

What is managing reality 2.0?

Back to earth now. Your company has some kind of online reputation.  Yes, that reputation should coincide with reality.  However, many internet users who discuss your business on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook may have never even dealt with the company personally.  They may be going off of “something they heard” or “something they read once”.  These people can still hurt your business’ online reputation.

What do you do about this? Two things for managing reality 2.0:

1. You should have some idea of the buzz about your company online.  Do some basic searches on your company’s name to see where it’s being discussed.  Good places to start include Facebook (groups,  etc.), Twitter Search, YouTube comments, and relevant web forums or message boards.  Knowing the buzz can often be helpful when making marketing and PR decisions. By knowing what is being said you can judge how, or if, you are going to respond.

2. Manage your social media presence.  In other words, if you have the need and means to create profiles on social networks, do it, and make it classy.  Your social media presence can be used to funnel people back to your website.   The traffic is already on these sites, and setting up the accounts correctly can be inexpensive and budget efficient. Having a presence on social networks can also be used to quickly shift your image according to new consumer trends as necessary.

Having only a website in today’s online world is like having a lone house in town and never going out to the clubs everyone else usually attends.  Even if it’s a nice house and people occasionally go there for a party, not even being a member in the places where people spend most of their time will be seen, both in this analogy as well as in the online world, as being antisocial.

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