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Hubspot is a software and development company focused on the creation of marketing and sales tools. Founded in June of 2006, it now services more than 50,000 users in countries all over the world. Hubspot supports six languages, including English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. In addition to marketing tools, Hubspot provides services for content management, web analytics, and customer support. To learn more about Hubspot and how you can implement marketing and sales tools on your website, reach out to Media Genesis today.


Altair came to Media Genesis with a need for creating and organizing submit forms throughout their website. After significant deliberation and research, it was determined that Hubspot was the proper tool with which to meet this need. MG and Altair worked together to create API-based Hubspot embed forms.

Media Genesis also conducted custom development for content management system templates in order to accommodate all Hubspot embed code for display and partial management. MG analyzed data analytics and statistics for all Hubspot forms to ensure all systems were working properly and users were able to actively view, fill, and submit information via the forms.

Xcentric Mold & Design

Xcentric Mold & Engineering came to Media Genesis in need of new landing pages with web embed forms to capture information of potential customers. After choosing Hubspot as the desired tool, Media Genesis assisted Xcentric by developing and implementing new landing pages and their accompanying embed forms for a variety of products and services. These allowed users to submit to Xcentric for a project quote. Xcentric was then able to keep track of all potential leads at a glance, rather than having to rely on manual tracking.

To improve this experience even further, Media Genesis created lists, workflows, and filters for form results, so Xcentric could better identify user path.

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