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Since 1996, Media Genesis has provided a wide range of services to many hospitality organizations. Our work has ranged from branding and online advertising to website design, development, and more.

The partial list below highlights some of our clientele in this sector. For more information and a demo of our hospitality digital portfolio and virtual best practices, reach out to us.

Accommodation & Recreation

The Whitney

In need of website hosting as well as web updates and maintenance, The Whitney came to Media Genesis to review their site, provide suggested updates (in terms of design and navigation), and to design a new layout that prioritized simplicity (to improve user flow) and functionality.


Grand Hotel

Media Genesis worked with Grand Hotel to write ad copy and develop a marketing campaign that highlighted their unique specials and events throughout the year. The campaigns were optimized to target key audiences, such as families with children, in order to match Grand Hotel’s key demographic.



Since 2018, Media Genesis has been working with the Detroit Metro Convention Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) on various ad campaigns to engage and encourage tourists to visit Detroit. MG continues to help DMCVB build on first-party audience pools, conversions tracking, and optimizing campaigns based on desired KPIs.


Somerset Inn

Media Genesis has worked with Somerset Inn since 2014 to provide email hosting and maintenance. This has included after-hours support, management of 22 different email and forwarding email accounts, and ad-hoc maintenance requests to manage email spam and other security-related issues.


Atwater Brewery

Atwater Brewery wanted a better way to connect to their audience and came to Media Genesis to improve their website’s usability. Media Genesis consulted, designed, built, and programmed the Atwater site. MG created an online store in which users can purchase merchandise, including setting up a WooCommerce plugin for the online store.


Olga's Kitchen

Olga’s Kitchen came to Media Genesis in need of website improvements, hosting, and site maintenance. At Olga’s’ request, MG implemented a number of small site updates such as swapping out images and promotional materials. MG continues to regularly maintain the Olga’s site with regular CMS updates and more.


No matter how big or small, Media Genesis can advise and support your hospitality needs. Contact our team to schedule a demo and consultation today.

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